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Flash Brewed Iced Coffee

It’s never too hot outside for coffee.

What You'll Need

Chemex / 52g Coffee / Hot Water / Grinder / Scale / Timer / Ice

Brew Time

4 minutes

The Gear

Hario Kettle and Server, 6-Cup Chemex, Acaia Pearl, Baratza Encore

Step 1

Heat 550 grams (~2.5 cups) of water to boiling and set aside 300 grams of ice. Grind 52 grams of coffee on medium-fine. (more fine than a standard pour over.)

Step 2

With three panels of the filter arranged on the spout of the Chemex, pour at least 100 grams of hot water through the filter. Rinsing the filter prevents you coffee from tasting papery.

Step 3

Once the filter is rinsed, remove it and set it aside. Pour out all the hot water. Add 300 grams of ice cubes to the bottom chamber and replace the filter.

Step 4

Pour the ground coffee into the filter, tare your scale, and start your timer. Add 50 grams of water and wait 45 seconds.

Step 5

Continue to brew a Chemex as normal. Slowly pouring from the center to the outside in a spiral pattern until all the grounds are incorporated. Then, continue a center pour until you've added a total of 400 grams of water. At 400g, stop pouring and wait for the coffee to draw down. The draw down should finish around 4:00 on the timer.

Step 6

Once the draw down is finished, remove and throw away the filter. Swirl the coffee in the bottom chamber of the Chemex until all the ice is melted.

Step 07

That's it! Iced coffee for two. <3