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Hario V60

Simple and straight forward. Bright, clean coffee.

What You'll Need

Hario #2 V60 Cone / 26g of Coffee / Hot Water / Kettle / Grinder / Scale / Timer / Cup

Brew Time

2:30 minutes

The Gear

Monarch Methods 500mL, Keep Cup, Acaia Lunar scale, Hario v60, Baratza Encore

Step 1

Put a kettle on. While your water is heating up, fold the V60 filter along its perforated edge.

Step 2

Place the filter in the ceramic cone, and place the cone on top of your cup. Rinse out the paper filter with hot water. Make sure to dispose of the water in the cup.

Step 3

Grind 26g of coffee on medium-fine or “drip” setting. More fine than you would for a french press, more coarse than for espresso. Set it inside the rinsed filter.

Step 4

Tare your scale and start the timer. Saturate the grounds with ~30 grams of water just off the boil and stop pouring . Wait 35 seconds.

Step 5

At 0:35 on your timer, pour slowly and carefully, in concentric circles in and out on the surface of the grounds. Continue pouring up to 310 grams on your scale then stop. Be careful to not pour directly onto the paper filter on the edge or your coffee will taste papery and gross. Yuck.

Step 6

After the coffee stops dripping from the filter, around 2:30, pull the filter and toss it in the trash or compost.

Step 7

Perfect cup. <3 <3 <3