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Clever Dripper

Set it up. Go make eggs. Boom. Your coffee’s ready.

What You'll Need

Clever Dripper (L) / Filters / Coffee / Grinder / Kettle / Scale / Timer / Wooden Spoon

Brew Time

2–3 minutes

The Gear

Hario scale, Clever Dripper (L), Monarch Methods 500mL, Baratza Encore

Step 1

While your water is heating up, fold both sides of your filter along the the patterned edges.

Step 2

Place the filter in the bottom of your Clever Dripper and rinse enough hot water through it to wet the whole filter. Be sure to drain all this water out of the dripper.

Step 3

Grind 33g of coffee semi-course. More course than filter coffee, slightly finer than French Press.

Step 4

Place your coffee in the bottom of the Clever Dripper and give it a slight shake to level the bed of grounds.

Step 5

Tare your scale and start your timer. Add 560g of hot water (205F) to the Clever.

Step 6

At 560g of water, put a lid on the clever and get your spoon ready. Aw man it's about to get real.

Step 7

At 1:30, stir the mixture inside the Clever several times. make sure any grounds on top of the mixture are incorporated and saturated.

Step 8

At 4:00, give the mixture one final stir and pop the clever on top of your cup(s). Hot dang. Sweet sweet juice. <3