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Coffee for you and your friends.

What You'll Need

Chemex / Filters / Coffee / Grinder / Kettle / Scale / Timer / Wooden Spoon

Brew Time

2–3 minutes

The Gear

Hario kettle, 3 cup Chemex, Acaia Pearl scale, Baratza Encore

Step 1

Place the filter in the top of the Chemex so that three layers rest on the spout and one layer rests away from it.

Step 2

Rinse the filter with hot water. Make sure you pour all the water out of the Chemex before moving on to the next step.

Step 3

Grind 52g of coffee. You'll want your coffee ground medium-coarse. Finer than French Press. More coarse than drip.

Step 4

Once you've added your ground coffee to the Chemex, tare out your scale to zero and start your timer. Add 60g of water in a spiraling pattern to the bed of coffee grounds then stop pouring. Make sure that with the first 60g of water, all the grounds get saturated evenly.

Step 5

After 35 seconds, Continue pouring only in the center of grounds. Pour very slowly in a controlled stream, staying in the center until you've reached 700g of water. You should reach 700g right around 2:30. Now just wait for the rest of the water to draw down through the filter.

Step 6

At 4:00, remove the filter and toss that dude in the trash (or compost pile).

Step 7

Pour a couple cups of coffee and enjoy the day.