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Chemex w/ Kone

Less waste. Same taste.

What You'll Need

Chemex / ABLE Kone Filter / Coffee / Grinder / Kettle / Scale / Timer

Brew Time

2–3 minutes

The Gear

Hario Kettle, Chemex, ABLE Kone Filter, Hario Scale, Baratza Encore

Step 1

Rinse the ABLE Kone with hot water (205F). This helps make sure the filter is clean of dust and residue and promotes temperature stability.

Step 2

Grind 52g of coffee on medium coarse or "drip" setting. Pour the dry coffee into the ABLE Kone and give it a shake to settle it into an even bed.

Step 3

Tare your scale and start your timer. Pour ~50g of water over the dry grounds, saturating them evenly. At ~50g, stop and wait 35 seconds.

Step 4

After 35 seconds, continue pouring in the center of the filter slowly all the way up to 700g of water total. You should reach 700g of water right around 2:30 on your timer.

Step 5

The draw down should take another 90 seconds. At 4:00 on your timer, remove the filter and you're golden.

Step 6

Makes enough coffee to share. <3

Step 7

Go drink your delicious coffee, ya dingus!