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Control over more variables means exactly the cup you want.

What You'll Need

AeroPress / Coffee / Hot Water / Grinder / Scale / Timer

Brew Time

1:30 minutes

The Gear

Step 1

Heat 475 grams (~2 cups) of water to boiling. Insert your plunger into the brewing chamber just to the edge of the (4) and invert it so the (1) is nearest the top.

Step 2

Place your paper filter inside the detachable cap. Rinse the filter with splash of hot water from your kettle.

Step 3

Grind 14 grams of coffee quite a bit finer than you would for a drip method or french press. Place the coffee inside the dry brew chamber.

Step 4

Start your timer. Pour 200 grams of hot water (195-205F) directly into the brewing chamber (this should fill it all the way up). Pour quickly to saturate the coffee as much as possible during this pour.

Step 5

Give the coffee mixture a solid stir, incorporating any dry pockets that remain in the bottom of the brewing chamber. Lock the detachable cap, with rinsed filter, in place at the top of the AeroPress.

Step 6

When the timer reaches 1:00, carefully flip the Aeropress over onto your cup, and immediately begin plunging firmly. The plunging process should take between 20-30 seconds.

Step 7

Once all the coffee is plunged (you'll hear air coming out), flip the Aeropress over to unlock the detachable cap. Plunge the paper filter and remaining coffee puck into the trash, rinse your plastics, and you're golden.